Dermaplaning Training Packages

We have four training packages:

  • One-on-one with coach
  • Home Study and Practical with coach
  • Group Training (staff from one clinic)
  • All training courses are assessed and moderated by the director
  • Training packages are neither transferable nor refundable

One-on-one includes:

  1. Theory including Digital Manual & Theory Certificate of Completion.
  2. Practical with coach 
  3. Dermaplane Kit
  4. Dermaplaning Diploma

Home Study and Practical Coaching:

  1. Theory including Digital Manual & Theory Diploma on Completion.
  2. Study all theories at home and watch recordings.  
  3. Practical with coach
  4. Dermaplane Kit
  5. Dermaplaning Diploma

Group Training (Staff Training)

  1. Study all theories at home and watch the Zoom Recordings.
  2. Practical with coach
  3. Dermaplane Kit
  4. Dermaplaning Diploma 

All information regarding Protocols, Benefits, Effects, Pro's and Con's, Do's and Don'ts, Product Knowledge, Practical Protocols, Demonstration Video, Quiz and more.  Students receive a Digital Educational Guide.

Practical include:

Practice on three models to achieve competency. (Student must select their own model). 

Note: we don't travel to clinics.  Students must travel to us.  Please make sure that we have an available educator near you.

Dermaplaning Diploma on completion of models.

Kit includes:

25 assorted blades; 1 x Blue Removal box, 1 x Metal handle, 1 x Preparation Lotion;  1 x Preparation Oil; 1 x Enzymne Powder Peel, 1 x Mask, 1 x Solartec Sunblock Moisturiser and more.  

What to do next:

1) Purchase your course online.

2) We will process your order.

3) Shipping staff with ship your kit.

4) Admin staff with email your training package.  You can't access the package online.  Watch your emails.  

5) Processing can take up to 48 hrs.  See policies. 

If you need any more information on the training, please don't hesitate to contact me, the director, to talk about it. My mobile number is 0450525815.  My email address: